Our namesake

Our Namesake—Evnia  

Evnia (ευ-νοια), is the Greek word for, good/smart/articulate thinking.

“ευ” means good, while “νοια” means mind/thinking, the evident explanation is related to smart thinking, yet there is much more to it.

It is a positive effort that could be given or taken to/from someone.

Evnia, requires the skill to create coherent results through detailed knowledge of different disciplines and the process of logically linking facts, data and information.

This is a process that requires teamwork hence it is the Evnia (smart) way to always collaborate.

Evnia, is a vital element of the scientific method and the process of accessing any problem in a pragmatic operational level while focusing on the strategic goals.

It is the basis of our action and the foundation with which we provide value to our colleagues, clients, patients and ultimately society.

This is the rationale behind our name and what you should always expect from us.