Evnia was created with only one simple goal in mind, “to create and support innovation in field of Pharma, Diagnostics and Medical Devices that can help patients worldwide”. In short, Innovation with a goal.

To achieve this goal, Evnia is operational on three areas:

1. Supporting the life-science industry with full value chain (R&D/Regulatory/Production/Clinic) know-how – Evnia’s consulting/services arm

2. Supporting investment institutions in life science investment decisions while creating and bring its own life science/ Medical device innovation to life – Evnia’s Venture arm

3. Facilitating innovation by effective communications, carrying ideas globally – Evnia’s scientific communication arm

Evnia has an ambitious path to follow and with that constantly in mind we maintain our commitment to develop and support cutting edge technologies and solutions, challenge status quo and innovate in all we do.

Evnia operates in a sector that is inherently vibrant due to constant research efforts, novel technologies, disruptive innovation, market demands and regulatory control. As such we understand that innovation is a multi-disciplinary process stretching far beyond solid knowledge of technology itself.

Evnia is driven by the successful development of innovative, good ideas, it is encoded in our name, Ev-Nia (Ευ-Νοια) translating into smart, articulate thinking in Greek. As such we are devoted in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity by delivering solutions that both our clients and ourselves need to succeed.

Patient requirements for a better care and quality of life is a continuous process, a continuum that necessitates to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable. Evnia is devoted to undertake this journey, to strive, to seek, to find answers that can make a difference to patients.

Dr. Efstathios Vassiliadis (Ph.D., MBA, FLC, M.Sc.)
Evnia Group CEO